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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I beat King Godwyn?

My team is Palidin level 33, Gladiator level 30, Ranger level 32, and Priest level 37.Also if you could provide a list of the best weps/armor and how to get them at this stage in the game that would be great!

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P.S. im kinda new so if you coul give me some info about the site that would be awesome

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Well if u want to beat him u are going to need a priest and ps i already beat him but thanks anyway like i said get a priest and u are going to need all of your guys to be around lvl 35.

Accepted Answer

From: Kaabii51 3 years ago

Well i havent got as far as king godwyn yet but through reading up i would reccemend getting atlest to lv 37 because im lv 34 and im stuck on the weird owl boss infront of gittingham palace my party is: me lv 34 minstel cert lv 33 thief hollie lv 32 mage and ben lv 23 paladin p.s i dont know very good weapons my weapon is dragonsbane i got from wormwood before that i had aurora blade wich you get through alchemy and before that i had platinum sword from gleeba.

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