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How do I beat (corvus 2nd form)?

I just cant beat corvus a 2nd time!
my team is:
i am thinking of turning the priest into a sage is this a good idea

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I haven't got lots of yggdrasil leaves but I know theres an island i can sail to get them and as for my equipment alot of its alchemymised so its top notch. ive got sancrosanct armour, ethereal armour, gigasteel armour, dragonslayer, and a long list of other stuff too

bobbobbob111 provided additional details:

I'm not sure which shield skill that is but I know that I definitely don't have it. But I think I'm going to try again. My team is a lot stronger now:
minstrel lv. 76
priest lv. 50
gladiator lv. 57
paladin lv. 43
I switched the warrior for a paladin for defensive reasons(kabuff, magic barrier etc) do you think i should get the uber falcon blade i already have the uber miracle blade and the erdricks sword

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Qaddosh answered:

You could try leveling up the priest a bit more. If you have enough Ygg leaves, then you do not need a sage yet. Make sure you have a good item and eq set on your chars before you go into battle. Make sure your eq is the best you can buy from Upover and/or Wormwood Creek. (I don't remember exactly what eq I had at that point, but it was the best I could buy. I didn't have a whole lot of eq alchemised at that point.) The levels of my party were about the same as yours except your priest is a bit lower.
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mstrswrdsmn19 answered:

I would recommend getting the shield skill that blocks critical hits automatically. Corvus 2 tried a lot of those, but i only had one person throughout the whole game. -_- just a suggestion
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