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Where is a good place to level up near Swinedimples Academy?

I already know about the metal slime hunting in Quarrantomb and the Metal Medleys in the Bad Cave, but is there any places better than that to level up? Also any places to farm for gold would be helpful too since I'm kind of broke at the moment, and the monsters in this area aren't giving out too much. I haven't gotten to post game yet. Thanks in advance.

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Never mind. I just found out about the Liquid Metal Slimes in the Bowhole, but I still would like to know if there's a good place at this point in the game to farm for gold. Thanks.

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flaredisk answered:

For gold go to gleeba and do a quest about a fake Gold golem wich will make Gold golems appear and keep beating as each Gold golem will give you around 505 gold, or you can go to some ruin grotto's and kill Gem jamboree (gives 1130 gold each) and Gem slime wich gives an freaking amount of 10080 gold each.
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