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Asked: 3 years ago

Can thiefs get better abilities?

I have a level 28 thief and the only abilitiy she has for stealing is half-inch. Will she ever get any new abilities that will make it easier to steal items?

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There aren't any other abilities to steal items, but you can get an accessory that makes stealing easier after you've completed the game (after you get to level 99, and reset to level 1 at Alltrades)

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There is only one other way: the thief's coup-de-grace "Itemized Kill" will guarantee you a treasure chest drop from that monster. Coup-de-Grace is triggered randomly, but there are a few pieces of equipment that you can equip to help your chances a little bit. Also it SEEMS to me that the bigger the damage the thief deals or recieves will give you a better chance of the coup-de-grace. However, I have scored a coup-de-grace doing "Eye for Trouble" ability and even after "Half-Inching" a monster, so it really is random.

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unfortunately, no. Half -inch is the only way to steal items (except for itemized kill and the thief's scroll thing, both of which only occur by chance)

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Even then, there is a large chance half inch won't always work...

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Pitfall's use full. it digs a hole, and enemies/you are able to fall in it.

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