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What is the quickest way to aquire skill points?

I know you can change vocations and get skill points that way, but I've run into a problem. I usually go metal slime hunting when I'm leveling up and some classes don't have the metal slash ability because they can't equip knives or swords and their

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I don't know what's going on, but gamespot only posts half my question. Sorry about that. I was going to say thier "instakill" abilities don't come until later, so what do I do? Just hunt regular enemies, or is there a better way?

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I'm near the end of the game. I just finished the Bowhole.

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dunno001 answered:

Well, if you are using swords and metal slash, the best thing to do would be to not spend those points you get in the other classes that can't use swords, and then change to a class that can use swords. Put the points into sword to get it up to 100, opening up swords for all classes on that character. While it does consume MP, my preferred way to hunt metal slimes (and babbles... err... liquid metals) early in is with Have a Ball in the minstrel's tree, but if you've not already started that tree, it's also a ways in.

As I don't know what point in the game you are at, I can't tell you where best to fight enemies. If you are really early in, I find that at the really low levels, metal slimes tend to give you a turn or 2 in Quarantomb before running; you might be able to kill a couple by attacking and get plenty of skill points that way. If you're later in and have access to a demon spear (probably through alchemy), using that with its chance of insta-kill, while lower than the critical skills, opens up that possibility. And if you've reached a point where an average fight gives you 500 XP each among 4 characters, then you really shouldn't be wasting your time on metal slime hunting anymore; move on to metal ba... err... liquid metal slimes.

But yes, you've said the best way to get skill points- switching to another lower-leveled class. Going from level 1 to 39 gets you 108 skill points. Going through the 40s gets you another 24 (you should also do the class specific quests if possible at this point), and going the rest of the way to 99 is only 68 more points. I'm guessing that you are not at the point in the game where skill seeds are even an option, and frankly, when you are at that point, it's so not worth it.
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