Question from retroninty

What is the best strategy for beating the Dreadmaster?

I am stuck- I have a level 27 minstrel which i've turned into a gladiator. The gladiator is level 11 so should I keep on building up their levels or return to my minstrel?? (I really need to defeat the dreadmaster-i'm going crazy!!)

retroninty provided additional details:

I have also
1 mage level 27/26 dont remember which
1 martial artist level 28
1 priest level 27
my minstrel/gladiator is also a level 5 warrior.


Man0fBass answered:

Do you have a PRIEST????? (If not, you may want one. It helps. A LOT.)
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cheesepuff121 answered:

I f you train up 2 of your people in courage and shield skill, make them do magic mirror to reflect all his spells and whipping boy onto the other 2 people. This means all his spells will get reflected onto himself- and spells are practically all he does. Also, it is SUICIDE to fight him as a level 11, what were you thinking? Its best to be at least level 35.
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NightHawk3500 answered:

hes right about the magic mirror trick it works amazingly but you dont need to be lvl 35 i did it easily with an average of level 24 my trick i used after the magic mirror was that i egged on and pysched up my damage dealers that along with the damage he takes from magic mirror he is easily defeated OK
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