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Besides metal slimes, metal medley's, platinum king jewels etc. what is the best way to level up?

Sure the slimes give tons of exp, but the little buggers run away too much. Especially once you get to the higher levels. And once you start getting over level 50 their spawn rate goes way down. Sometimes I look forever before I can see one. Besides, I'm getting tired of fighting the same enemies all the time, so I was wondering if there are any other good ways to level up?

jbl8199 provided additional details:

I haven't got to post game yet. I'm right before you fight the last boss.

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Man0fBass answered:

Besides Metal Slimes, the best idea is to go to the Oubilette and stay on the first floor. That way, you can use the healing circle and you can save with the ghost priest. It's BEAST.
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