Question from Ihatespam101

Asked: 3 years ago

Which is better? A mage or Armamentalist?

I've noticed the Mages are more for straight Attack magic, while Armamentalists seem to only use status effects, but I haven't got to a higher level with my Armamentalist yet. It's only about level 20. Do they learn any really useful spells later on or should i stick with my level 55 Mage until post game?

Accepted Answer

From: ValkyrieCain 3 years ago

As you know already, weapon skills don't change much. Their special skill, in this case "Fource" (Armamentalist). Besides earning natural strength, deftness, max hp, charm, ETC., Armamentalists get "Fource" skills.
Fire Fource - Adds fire to one ally's attacks
Frost Fource - Adds ice to one ally's attacks
Gale Fource - Adds wind to one ally's attacks
Funeral Fource - Adds darkness and earth to one ally's attacks
Life Fource - Adds light to one ally's attacks

Now to answer your question in MY opinion, I would stick with your Mage until after you finish the game.

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