Question from Trigger_Monkey

Is my team good?

lvl 37 gladeator
miracle sword

lvl 33 paladin
Maradurs maul
Boss sheild

lvl 34 preist
lightning lance
dark sheild

lvl 27 ranger
great bow

I easily beat all the boossses up to king godwyn. I am about to go to realm of the mighty and want a 2nd opinion.

Accepted Answer

jimborrific answered:

It's been forever since I beat the final boss, but I'm pretty sure you're a little underleveled for him. Train on LMS at the bowhole; at least for your ranger, who I'm sure is underleveled.

If you have a lot of jobs at lvl 1 (like if your gladiator is only a lvl 1 minstrel) you might want to level up those jobs and put the skill points into passive stat boosts.

The actual build (gladiator, paladin, priest, ranger) looks fine, make sure your priest has multiheal (I don't remember the level at which he learns it).

In general, I think the recommendation is that your team be all from lvl 38 - 42 when fighting the final boss. Also, for your gladiator, you might consider switching the miracle sword for a falcon blade (obtained from your ship). Make sure you have Flacon Slash (falcon blade + falcon slash = 4 hits)

For your priest, you might want a wand with 88 (i think 88) points in wands. The lance won't be doing much damage anyway (your priest will mostly be on healing duty), and with a wand, you can get passive MP restoration as well as a boost to your max mp.
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