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Asked: 3 years ago


1. How can I get more classes?
2. A good team?
3. Best metod for exp?

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From: StarSolarDQ 3 years ago

I can answer 2 and 3 ^.~

A good team would be an Armamentalist, a Paladin, a Gladiator and a Ranger.
You do the armamentalist request at Alltrades abbey, the same goes for the Gladiator.
You do the paladin one on top of the Mirage Mahal.
Ranger is before you go in the heights of loneliness.

A good method for XP is lots of fighting. It gets your level up, and you get money.
Fighting bosses is best I find.

Star Solar.

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Number one:
Armamentalist, Gladiator, Ranger and Paladin were already explained.
Luminary: Gleeba's Dance Hall.
Sage: Gittingham Palace, 2F, fall into the room w/treasure chests and go right until the stairs. Talk to the book.

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