Question from ash991

Alltrades Abbey & Bloomingdale?

I need the wakerobins.

albelclaw asked for clarification:

Where is the question part of this?

ash991 provided additional details:

VulpesMundi, I am asking because I need wakerobins it for agressence. I know there in Bloomingdale, but I forgot to ask how to get there from Alltrades Abbey. thank you for asking that question albelclaw. Please answer.

Accepted Answer

albelclaw answered:

Sorry for the late response, but if you just finished Alltrades Abbey and earned the vocation changings, go down until you get to a town, solve there problems as usual, and then take a boat away from there. Once you get to the next place, run through there, run through the next town, ignore the mountain(until youre getting the fygg there) and then keep heading down to bloomingdale.
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VulpesMundi answered:

I'm not sure what you're asking. I assume that you want to know where to get them. If that's the case, you can buy them in Bloomingdale for 66 gold apiece. Or you can manually farm them from their world map locations. Check the map (link below) to see where they spawn.
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