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How can i get more gold?

I'm currently at the Upover story and i only have 8000g . Any tips for gold making?


ash991 answered:

To tell you the truth I haven't beaten Morag but my party is around level twenty and I have about 13,000 gold ( I'm trying not to brag). Get more gold and level up faster by going farther than you should. What I mean is that let's say you are in slurry quay, got to where blommingdale is, bring healing items, use your best equipment, and stay near the entrance of the closest town. Use all necessary items after every battle. When your whole party has no more items, go in the town youre closest to and heal up. You should have a lot of money and have a high level.
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81723 answered:

There a a lot of different ways to make money, these are just a few:
1. Farm mythril and platinum ores. They sell for 3k and 1.5k respectively. You can find platinum ores east of the bad cave near Bloomingdale and 1 map east of swinedimples, at a dead end near the top of the map. You can find mythril ores south of Gerzuun (the abandoned town near Batsureg where you find the grass).

2. Alchemize Ear Cozies
once you have a large amount of money, buy these three items:
bunny tail from Zere (I think, check the alchemy guide first)
Fur Hood from Slurry Quay
Lambswool from Batsureg item shop
these three items together cost almost 1 k in total.
After you buy as much as you can, go to Krak Pot in the stornway inn and alchemized ear cosies.
Then sell them for about 1.2 k, earning you 200 gold per ear cozy you make.

3. Kill Gold Golems
They give out 505 gold and they're found near gleeba, in the pit in the south east corner.
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AnonymousParody answered:

If you want to make more gold, I would fight a monster that usually comes in bulk (bud brothers, bag ma's, axolhtl, etc.), that you can still manage fighting if there are a lot of them. The more there are, the more money produced, and you get quite a bit of experience to boot.
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