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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find (agility ring)?

I want to make kestrel claws so i need the agilitiy ring.


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alchemy- I believe there is also an enemy that drops it

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Prayer ring x 1 + Flurry Feather x 2 = Agility Ring.
Prayer ring : www. gamefaqs. com /ds/ 937281 - dragon - quest - ix - sentinels - of - the - starry - skies /answers ?qid=215596 (NO SPACES)
Flurry Feather : In Bloomingdale, go on the way to bad cave. Instead of going straight north over the bridge AND through the tree patch, go over the ONE bridge (BUT NOT THE TREE PATCH) and then go west all the way. There is a tree with Flurry Feathers.

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