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How do I solve (quest 108 top flight knight fight)?

1 Sorry if I spelt the quest wrong
2 I dont know how to make a party member have only 1 HP
3 Dont bother reading this
5 You just realized I skipped step four
6 You are laughing at what I wrote


81723 answered:

You have to make one of your party members to H-Pathy another party member who is only at one HP. (H-pathy is a skill you get from the virtue skill tree that gives away some of your own HP to another party member)

To get someone at 1 HP, lower his HP (It doesn't have to be extremely low, it's just faster)
then go walk for a long time in dangerous terrain (poison, lava)
Poison hits 1 every second or so you move in it and lava hits 3.
Poison can be found in the NW corner of Zere and in Doomingdale forest and lava is near Upover (If you've unlocked it yet)
While these terrains damage your characters, it can't kill them, so it'll leave them at one HP. Then go in battle and H-pathy them once. Do this 5 times to complete the quest.
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