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Need help with party improvement help! (spoilers welcome) any suggestions?

ok im fighting king godwyn in dragon quest with
Minstrel-lvl 34 sword user
Gladiator-lvl 26 sword/axe user(just starting him out)
Mage-lvl 32 wand user
Priest-lvl 33 spear user
Plz help!

gamernerd51 provided additional details:

Ok dude your awesome tnx to you i beat the game =) thank you

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FiendlordF4n answered:

Otherwise I like where you are. Your party is well rounded and has many options: using both swords and axes on a gladiator seems to help a lot. However I suggest buying a wand for your priest just in case.

All you need is some solid leveling and you will be ready; I would suggest a minimum level of 37, but you can go as high as you want. If you like I can also give you some tips on actually beating King Godwyn.
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FiendlordF4n answered:

The best way to level up at this point would be to simply go out side into the area around the Gortress/ Gittingham Palace and simply kill everything you see. Alternatively you could return to the Bowhole (the dungeon near Wormwood) and kill the Liquid Metal Slimes (These become much easier to kill when your Gladiator learns Hatchet Man, an Axe ability that allows the user to hit with an automatic critical hit, or miss.)

Also, I would like to know the equipment of your characters.
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gamernerd51 answered:

Ok awesome ill work on that and im already leveling them up tnx and where are the luquid metal slimes in the bowhole?
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