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How do I beat Malroth!!!!!?

How do i beat Malroth? he killed my party in 4 turns!!!
my party is around lv. 50. So am I under leveled?
What level do I need to be at?

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Falophle8 answered:

I just want to say that I have no idea on how to beat Malroth. But know this, he is a Legacy boss, most likely lvl 1. everytime you kill a legacy boss, you can give him the experience you earned from the fight, and power him up so the next time you fight him, he is stronger but he drops more experience and better treasure. they can be leveled up to 99. I tried fighting him, and my party got killed in two turns. I recommend leveling to at least 75-80. I am at the same level you are, and its extremely tough. expect to die alot. maybe even revocating for one or all of your characters. thats all i got for ya
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Akiraita answered:

Malroth's a big fan of breath attacks - don't bother setting up Magic Mirror, because he doesn't use any spells, nor does he start using them anytime soon. If you have Fan users, Reverse Cycle is pretty darn helpful; otherwise, Priests and Rangers can cast Insulatle, which can lower the damage you take from his attacks.

Quite honestly, though, Lv. 50 is nowhere near high enough - if you're gonna tackle Legacy bosses, start with Baramos and work your way from there, since Baramos is the easiest of the bunch. I wouldn't even try Malroth until around Lv. 80 or so.
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Armamentalist01 answered:

Setting up Reverse Cycle (bounce all his breath attacks back, yay!) and Gale Force (big damage increase) with help a ton.

Most people do a ton of work to make a team that's really good against the legacy bosses, and you should defenitly get one if you plan on getting all the legacy boss to 99 (takes forever though =/).

BUT, if you don't want to make those changes to soon (or never, if you don't want to do all that work), having a Paladin (or something else with really good defense) with Reverse Cycle, (and Magic Mirror for some of the other bosses) is invaluable with Forbearance (82 in Virtue, if I remmember correctly) (BTW, GET 100 IN VIRTUE ON EVERYBODY; IT HELPS SO MUCH!)
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