Question from arvellogolodh

The Abbott?

Where is the abbott at and how do i save him so i can switch jobs?


VulpesMundi answered:

Talk to everyone in the Alltrades Abbey repeatedly until you've found this information (you may have to go around to everyone to set off the next event in the chain and so on). Eventually someone will tell you about the tower in the east and how to get inside. That's where you'll find the Abbot.
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epb45 answered:

You have to complete the bit when you get to the top of the tower of trade (Not alltrades Abby) and fight master Nu'un
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AnonymousParody answered:

You talk to everyone in Alltrades, then go to "that importing looking man", who is upstairs and is wearing red. You'll say what you need to say, and he'll teach you how to bow, which you assign as a party trick. You then go to the tower he mentions, which is east, and you get to bow to the front door in order for it to open. You work your way to the very top of the tower, and the Abbott is in the glowing room suspended in the air. You have to fight him, so just keep yourself healed to above a certain point of your choice and once he's back to normal he'll return to Alltrade's and you talk to him in order to change your vocation.
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