Question from BAH1111

How do I beat Goreham-Hogg?

I am really stuck on this boss, he keeps one shot killing me with
a critical hits a lot. please help!

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erdricks_sword answered:

Normally i would recommend a paladin under these circumstances (only physicals) but his constant crits and full party attacks kill so quickly paladins will die before you can accomplish anything. My memory of this fight is clouded by stylus-chewing rage, but my advice is to keep your defences up, have your priest set on mass healing and hit him fast. tensing and buffing aren't worth it since he kills so quickly. falcon slash him to hell after tensing for a turn was my strategy and it worked eventually. a lot of it is based on how lucky you are with crits, but just remember that it'll work eventually.
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epb45 answered:

I found that boss fight fairly easy. This is the guy at the bit that's kinda like a concentration camp? The place you go to after the bit when the dragon guy commits suicide to save upover? or is it the bit when you fight the head of the gittish empire? i get confused with them. Any way, if your finding it difficult, id recamend you train a little, equip some better armour, etc.

Also, what sorta party have you got?
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bobbobbob111 answered:

use stuff to lower attack and raise defense since he only uses physical attacks if i rememBer
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meeper123 answered:

Have priest that knows multiheal maybe a MA than beat the crap out of him MA lv 30 or up for alot of damage
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