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Asked: 3 years ago

Any ideas of how to get a decent boomerang?

If You could, if its from a shop, include the price, if its from alchemy, could you include the recipe, and how to get the ingredients. Thanks

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You can get boomerangs all over the place,
In shops is the easiest way, they are in most weapon shops once you get to port llafen,
The best one in shops is probably in the stornway weapon shop once you complete the game.
I don't know the price, but I will get it for you ASAP
Hope this helped

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Well, the best boomerang that I have found (so far) is the pentarang, found in Rank 8 Chests. This is only a 1% chance though, and that level chest is only found in grottoes, so best of luck.


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