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How do I beat (Baramos)?

I've got my first legacy boss map; Baramos. What sort of equipment, levels, vocations, and abilities should I have? What sort of tactics should I use?

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ive done corvus, you have to kill him before you can get baramos, cos you cant fly to the iland until then. ive killed baramos now. I had a minstrel, thief (for co op de grace, it would have been an other wise armamentalist) a sage, and a priest. the sage can kazing.

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I didnt think that dragon slash would help much, didn't think he was considered a dragon?

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sethkf answered:

hav about 2 warriors, a mage, and a preist. make sure that one of your warriors protect the preist at times along with the mage let the mage use oomph on the warriors and let the preist use buff on the mage and the preist (his or herself) to raise defence (if ur preist dies then your freaking dead) keep the preist alive to heal ur fallen and almost fallen allies. once all ur stats are ready get ready (oh ya i forgot, make sure ur warriors hav swords) start using spells like frizzle from ur mage and others and start using healing spells from ur priest. the key to winning this battle is using Dragon Slash (u need 3 skill points to get it on the sword skill upgrede, thats y u need a sword). after about 10 -15 hit with dragon slash from both warriors u shud be close to done . just a warning if u cant beat barmaros thes is no way in hek u can beat corvus he is extremely diffucult so good luck i hope u do beat them the ending is worth seeing :)
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