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How do I beat Corvus with a warrior, mage, paladin and armentalist?

I need recommendations for the equipment of my team:
Warrior (Lvl. 48)
Mage (Lvl. 47)
Paladin (Lvl. 45)
Armentalist (Lvl. 46)

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epb45 answered:

Corvus is weak to light force, that will come in handy. having a priest with multiheal would be usefull, id change the mage into the priest. have you killed corvus' first form yet? the second one is a fair bit harder. id also give every one in your party a yggdrasil leaf, or two, just in case. they re-spawn on a small island south eastish of gleeba.
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gingerninja6000 answered:

The island is called pluvi island the leaves are found on the large one with trees around the middle.
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meeper123 answered:

Arm-use accelerate until high agi
paladin- use kabuff until high defence
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meeper123 answered:

Also warrior multithurst or gigaslash
sage omph on every one
paldin crackerwhacker or mutithurst
arm rain of pain or falcon slash
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