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Where can I find all the cursed items in the game?

I'm on Quest 138 (Shaman You!) which requires you to wear cursed items (3). How can I find or make some cursed item?

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Catacombninja answered:

You can find most of the cursed items either as a rare item drop from a few monsters, or from a level/rank 6/7 chest in a grotto. You can also buy some of them from the online DQVC store.

A list of the cursed items that I know of are:

Demon Whip
Oh-no Bow
Hades' Helm
Skull Ring
Ruinous Shield
Skull Helm
Reckless Necklace
Terrible Tattoo

Hope this helps :)
P.s. Remember you only need three cursed items equipped to one character and then speak to him.
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