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King Godwynn Vs. My team?

How do i beat king godwynn with my team,
Minstrel(fan):Level 40
Martial artist(Staff):level 41
thief(claw):level 39
Priest(spear): level 37


Immature_Sage answered:

I have a strategy for you, it involves extensive use of your Martial Artist and Priest with some coordinated moves from your Minstrel and Thief. OK, first and foremost: Raise your tension! Using the Martial Artist's Psyche Up ability and the Main Characters cheer ability (forgot name), make your MA your primary attacker while the thief and Priest heal as needed, use buff and kabuff (if you have it) as well. The fight might take a while and you might need to use a few HP and MP healing items but if you stay strong you will eventually take him down.

This strategy does not take into consideration what skills you may or may not have so it is perfect for any situation, the only thing I would change is the weapon of your martial artist, staffs become too weak after a certain amount of skill points is spent on other weapons.
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Dumblecop answered:

First of all, why do you have a Thief, they do terrible damage and Half-Inch is a skill, any class can use it once you learned it. Make the Thief a Warrior and grind in the Bowhole for Liquid Meta Slimes (or LMS) til he's 40-50. And for you Sage. Using tension is a really bad thing to rely on after you acquire all 7 fyggs. The bosses tend to either have disruptive wave, have abilties and junk that can disrupt you, and the fact if you lvled your characters right, have good gear, the bosses are a piece of cake.
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