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King godwyn (2nd form) help me please?

i have recently got to king godwyn with my team of:
hero- minstrel lvl 47 help-priest lvl 31
help- armentalist lvl 30 help- paladin lvl 30
I have magic mirror on all characters and magic armour on most I also have 5 yggsrail leaves from pluvi island please tell me anything I need in-order to kill his second form way easier.

gingerninja6000 provided additional details:

P.S. i have over 1million gold in my bank so i can buy anything if i need too

gingerninja6000 provided additional details:

I have done it using magic mirror


epb45 answered:

make sure you're priest is high enough lvled to cast multiheal. personly i don't like tanking, a waste of a turn in my opinion. maybe change plad to warrior or glad? i cant remember wat sorta lvls i had, but i think it will be fine. if i were u i would serch around for his elemental weakness on google (I hope this isnt counted as advertising a website) and use that force with ur armamentalist. look for the best armour and weapons u can make in alchemy and buy, (Even if it takes a while to get ingreadients, itl help later. about lvls: i think ur hero is high enough for the last boss, Cor... (to leave a hint, but without spoiling it.)
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TheSkyHasTrees answered:

You just have to lvl up a bit more, i would also suggest changing your Minstrel in to a gladiator.
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BenCarnage answered:

just keep casting magic mirror in case he casts dispersion. His regular attacks are very weak, so if you're dying from anything other than not keeping magic mirror up try putting points into courage (warrior) or virtue (paladin) for more resilience as well as health.
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