Question from CaraBaliw

How to cope with a Bugged quest?

Help can't get quest no.116
but it says I finnished no.117 need Help

VulpesMundi asked for clarification:

I can't specifically answer your question, but I can tell you that the reward for finishing quest #116 is inconsequential (it's just a Sage's Robe). Aside from completion, there's really no point in worrying about #116 as long as you can, in fact, finish #117 and get the Sage's Scripture item.


epb45 answered:

i sorta agree with VulpesMundi but im the sort of person who will try to complete all the quests. have you ever used any action replay codes? i haven't and dont recamend it cos iv read all sorts of stories about people screwing up their game and permanetly not able to do a load of things. if u used a code to complete 117 then maybe thats why u cant do 116? also, just to make sure.... u have got an at least lvl 15 sage?
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