Question from epb45

Asked: 3 years ago

Astral plumes?

I'm struggling to get enough astral plumes. I know they're an alchemy thing,
Flurry Feathers, fresh waters, angle bell.
The only thing I have a problem is, is the flurry feathers. The only re spawn point I know about is north of Bloomingdale, but I can only ever get them in ones. I also think mini medals are re spawning quicker.

Are there any other flurry feather respawn points I don't know about. I'm trying to make enough sainted soma to make an agate of evolution, for the rusty shield quest.

Accepted Answer

From: VulpesMundi 3 years ago

There's another spawn point for flurry feathers west of Batsureg, near the gravesite. Aside from those two spots, you're going to have to actively hunt them. Check out the bestiary in the FAQs section for more info about what to hunt (and preferably use half-inch on).

Material spawn locations on the overworld...

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