Question from Shadowscyther22

How do you beat Corvus 2(stuck on him just like everyone else)?

I can't beat him know matter what, though I might need to rethink my strategy.
My Team:
Minstrel- Lv. 45
Warrior-Lv 43
Priest-Lv 44
Ranger-Lv 22(leveling the ranger up)
I have beaten all the bosses before fine, but can't beat him.

Shadowscyther22 provided additional details:

Whoo! just beat him with only using abilities and attacking. No oomphing or buffing.


Armamentalist01 answered:

Get everybody up to level 45, and get the best weapons and armour you can. (use alchemy probably) Bring lots of Yggdrasil Leafs, (at least one per person) and some good healing/MP Recovering items.
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Dumblecop answered:

I have beaten Corvus, Barbarus, and Corvus in his final form all in 1 run, twice. It really isn't that hard. My entire party was lvl 50 (Minstrel, Warrior, Priest, and Martial Artist). For the Minstrel it was the: Erdrick's Sword, White Knight's Shield, Dragon Warrior Helm, Dragon Mail, Heavy Gauntlets, Gigasteel Kneecaps, Safer Shoes, and a Ruby of Protection. The Warrior had: Ueber Falcon Blade, Dark Shield, Great Helm, upgraded Sacred Armor, Heavy Gauntlets, Gigasteel Kneecaps, Safer Shoes, and a Mighty Armlet. The Priest had a: Demon Spear, Silver Shield, Spellward Circlet, Empress Robes, Battler's Bracers, Gigasteel Kneecaps, Gigasteel Sabatons, and a Goddess Ring. The Martial Artist had: Ballistick, Steely Sweatband, Dragon Top, Bruiser's Bracers, Dragon Trousers, Wu Shoes, and a Life Ring.
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