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Help on Mortamor Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!?

I have been losing constantly to mortamor i really dont know how to beat him and my friends have helped but then we die at the end Help??? my party:

Lv. 99 paladin, maxed out everything, and lv 99 in every vocation, maxed out in every thing in thos vocations too.
demon spear.
Lv. 99 gladiator, maxed out axe and guts, heavy hatchet.
Lv. 99 martial artist, maxed out staff and focus, and carries a dragon rod.
Lv. 99 sage, maxed out wand, boomerang, shield, and elightenment.

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Catacombninja answered:

Get 3 LV99 Gladiators and Equip Falcon Blade And always use The Ability Falcon Slash.
The Other one is a LV99 Paladin with Falcon Blade And use an attack booster 1st turn, then Use Falcon Slash for the rest of the Battle (And heal when you have to)
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bobbobbob111 answered:

good attack strategy catacombninja, but id recommend the glads having uber falcon blades and a priest maxed in wand and faith using a SAGE STAFF or stronger.
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