Question from jakethehawk

Why doesn't my team split experience evenly?

My main character always gets a lot more experience than the rest of my party. Why is this?


VulpesMundi answered:

The game is programmed to scale experience gains based on level. Higher level characters gain a higher percentage. They did this to keep us from using a one high leveled character from quickly super-leeching a party of low leveled characters. The game is already way too easy. This would have made it even more so, so I can see why they did it.
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pokemonfreak97 answered:

There is a formula: for a party, the characters get: experience*(current level)/(sum of all party members' levels)
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AnonymousParody answered:

I apologize for this occurrence, but if they have a higher level they'll get more experience because it takes more to level up.
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