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How do I reach The Magmaroo?

I just got the spear thingy that allows access to the Greygnarl, but I've no idea how to get to the Magmaroo! How do you get there?!

breakman912 provided additional details:

Yeah.... How do I reach upover? I've sailed all around the continent that has the dragon names, and the only landing area is Wyrm's Neck! To reach Dragon's Maw(where the Magmaroo is located), I need to use that spear thing, but that's where my problem lies: I don't know how to access Upover due to the lack of vital navigational clues.


Logan19490 answered:

You need to find Upover and in the town beside the inn theres a staircase, go to the house closest to the cave,find the old lady she will allow you to go to the magmaroo and go to the top and you will battle Greygnarl,beware he is a dragon so use dragon slash and if you know it use gigagash, a strong sword type move taught by Marco from Swinedimples Acadamy.
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cheesepuff121 answered:

If you can't find Upover, then have you done Wormwood Creek yet? Because the only way to get to Upover is by crossing the Wormwood Canyon, and the only way to open the bridge is to complete all the stuff for Wormwwod Creek. If you need MORE specification than that, then check out the Walkthrough FAQ on this site.
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Gamer-ishJazzie answered:

After gathering all the fyggs and setting off to go to the Observatory to return them, you'll
find your master, Aquila, will come to take the fyggs. After a cutscene, you'll be in Wormwood Creek, where you'll be rudely 'kicked out; after a short time, no worries you can return

After that you go up, to the right over the bridge, and into an area above, can't remember the name at the moment, anyway, you'll find Wallace there, he'll give you info.

After that everything's pretty much touch and go
Hope I helped
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