Question from Logan19490

How do I beat Goresby Purrvis?

What weapons and equipment do I use to beat Purrvis?
Heres my group:
2 LvL:40 Minstrels
LvL:41Martial Artists
LvL:40 Thief
What spells or abilities do I use as well?

templarkiller1 asked for clarification:

How can i beat him with a ranger a minstrel a mage and a priest without changing vocations because i dont want to start over

templarkiller1 asked for clarification:

my teams weapons are
ranger: great bow
warrior: fire sword
priest: sadistick
Mage: sword breaker
do i need to change any weapons

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ISendOutMario answered:

Your team is kinda damage heavy. Are you open to changing Vocations? If so, I would recommend:

Minstrel -> Warrior
Minstrel -> Preist
Martial Artist ->Gladiator
Thief -> Martial Artist

If you don't want to change vocation, you can always just do more training in the Bowhole. Liquid Metal Slimes, Albeit very rare, hand out TONS of experience. Purrvis is weak to Wind, Dark, and Blast/lightning, But strong against Fire, Ice, and Light. He is in the Beast family, so a spear with cattle prod isn't a bad option. Other than that, your team as it is should have a good chance of beating him. Level 40 is no small feat.
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bobbobbob111 answered:

I lost to him the first time too my guys were lv 40. i didnt come back till lv 60 so i had an easy time with purrvis and afterward godwyn sometimes just leveling up can help
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lebeet answered:

Do you think my team would work?
Gladiator lvl 30 - Headmans axe
Ranger lvl 35 - Cherions bow
Armentelist lvl 30 - Cherions bow
Paladin lvl 34 - Meraurder maul
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lebeet answered:

And should i level to 40 50 or 60?
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ferniiboo answered:

lebeet, maybe you should level up a bit more, I know because I didn't and it's came back to haunt me now, at the very last boss :s
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V_Chaos answered:

Someone who knows buff, after a point he wont be able to hit you and his most devastating attack (the one that makes your character unable to battle that turn) becomes useless.
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