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What is the easiest way to defeat metal slimes?

I am trying to get the mage knight vocation but i can't kill any metal slimes i can erect a wizard ward and right as i do they run away.

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gara_alone4now answered:

if you patience enough , then grind level a bit , all of your party members (4 people)..
each accumalated 100~200 skill points..
USE this skiil points to MAX :

1.MARTIAL ARTIST TRAITS = FOCUS to LEVEL 100 which will grant your party with +100 AGI

2. THIEF TRAITS = ACQUISITIVENESS to LEVEL 100 which will grant your party with +60 AGI

if this condition met , your attack speed will be more faster than the slime..

for your NOTE :

there are other killing methods , such as :

1) SWORD Skill lvl 100 - Allows swords to be equipped regardless of class,
MSla + FB means 2-4 damage if both hits strike, and if all four characters
launch with it and strike before the enemy can and do not miss, it becomes
2-6 damage for the 3rd fighter, and 4-8 damage for the 4th. With the FB,
MSli's die in 1-2 sets of 2 hits, MMs die in 2-3, LMS in 2-4, MKS in 4-4+.
And each strike may crit, which will kill the slime. Also, you have FS,
which is 2x attacks or 4x attacks with a FB, each one of which can crit.
BOOMERANG Skill lvl 100 - Allows boomerangs to be equipeed regardless of
vocation, and it gives you access to ML. Hits all enemies as well, so can be
useful for hunting weaker metallies, and taking care of other mobs with ease.
However, there's no 2x attack boomerang, so the max damage from metallicker is
reduced in comparison, and any misses will ruin the chain damage.
KNIFE Skill lvl 100 - Allows knives to be equipped regardless of vocation.
Knifes get the FKE for 2x, and Assassin's stab, a low-chance auto-kill skill.
Not my preferred choice, but whatever suits you, I guess.
SPEAR Skill lvl 100: More on that below, no reason why you couldn't choose it
first, but for other gameplay reasons, I might not suggest it; also, unless
someone gifted you one of the Metal Slime-series spears early in the game,
you would lose the advantage of the MSla skill, and its potential 2x hit.

2) SPEAR/AXE Skill lvl 100 - Allows said weapon to be equipped regardless of
class. Gives Thunder Thrust for Spears and Hatchet Man for Axes, both are
8MP, and it will either miss or crit. It's almost necessary for hunting
MKSs, and pretty much needed for PKJ. Demon Spear is also good for when you
might be low on MP and just want that extra little chance to get the kill.
There is also the Metal Slime series of spears, however that just gives it
the 1-2 damage property like a MS/ML. Seems like it might be handy to have
with MT. Speaking of which, MT does carry forward any weapon effects, thus
the instant-KO of the DS might be a good choice, however I don't favour it
myself; the Crit skills have a 50% chance of success, whereas the instant KO
effects seems to have a ~20% chance of success. So when you're talking of
dealing with at most 20HP of damage, you might want to choose the method
which has the highest rate of success.

(few extract from Arashmin's Leveling Guide)
hope it helps..
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markraynes answered:

Metal slash
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cheesepuff121 answered:

Well' the axe ability hatchet man is a garuanteed critical hit (but it does miss a lot). Whenever I go metal king slime hunting I use hatchet man.
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solid_soilder answered:

Well if u have a player who uses axe he can use hatchet man (50 percent chance of getting critical attack) same thing with spear thunder strike or something like that, good luck.
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