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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I beat Corvus the second time?

I'm STUCK!!!

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Grind up some more. Beating him is almost completely synonymous with being able to survive his Magic Burst attack (even if he's Psyche'd up), and being able to heal your entire party with a single spell.

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I got some friends to help me and bring somebody that can heal. If you bring somebody to heal then everyone else can just go ham on corvus while they heal. It may take a few tries...

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Get a sage or a priest with multiheal and zing/kazing. heal every turn, omniheal if necessary. slam with gladiator using best equipable weapon. to keep the gladiator alive maybe use uber miracle sword and sancrosanct armor. best to keep someone else with zing in case your healer dies. maybe a minstrel for an all around fighter. then fill out your last space with something with high power like a warrior. also make sure if you use a gladiator give it the meteorite bracer

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