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which do you prefer : Axe or Spear ? (details inside)

currently I have 4 party members , each with 100 skill points..

from what I've heard , to effectively kill metal slime series , just use HATCHET-MAN (AXE'S SKILL) OR THUNDER THRUST (SPEAR'S SKILL) which have 50% chance either critical or miss..

which do you prefer from those weapons , if you choose between those two ???

in condition :
1. power
2. speed
3. skill damage
4. etc

if you can , please answer with some argument and your personal experience too..

remember JUST AXE OR SPEAR..
for metal slimes series ONLY..
THX BEFORE for your opinion..

Accepted Answer

pitiex answered:

spear, coz spear has Metal Slime Spear while axe don't
which means, if you can't use thunder thrust, you can still use multithrust against metal slime series.
you can also use mercurial thrust (useful sometimes) to attack metal slimes before any of them could flees.
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