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How do you make Hammer Handrills?

I've tried following the item guide on where to find the Iron Nails needed to make that weapon, but every enemy mentioned that supposedly carries them, whether through theft(Half-Inch) or random loot drop or just random loot from a barrel, chest, or pot, I can NEVER locate them! I already have the Handrills weapon, but no friggin nails. Where can I find them?!

Accepted Answer

cheesepuff121 answered:

Sorry mate, but it's all down to luck. If you have completed the level 40 thief quest then that really helps, because the thief book means that you randomly sometimes steal at the end of a battle stuff without actually doing anything (which basically means that it adds a little bit to your chest drop chance). So, basically, keep doing what you're doing, and that's the best advice I can give you.

P.S. I had exactly the same trouble, so good luck!
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