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What is a alchemiracle?

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Whipzioki answered:

An alchemiracle is the annoying way they made alchemy. So when you have the items for a (ahem-the) best item Krak Pot will tell you how much of a chance you have to make the "enhanced" version of an item. normally not a high rate. if you fail to make the better version, you get a lamer, but still awesome wepon, shield or clothing. P.S you have a chance to save before you alchemiracle!!!!
P.P.S the easyest way to figure out recipes is by faqs and normally the items required are bought in the DQVC.
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falcon_blade99 answered:

Alchemiracles are the main way(besides cheating etc) to get the 'best'(well best in raw power at least) equipment. All alchemiracle equipment comes in 4 tiers with tier 4 needing an alchmiracle. Basicly you need to get tier 1 (or 2 if you get lucky) then make it into tier 2 then try and make tier 3 but hope that you get an alchemiracle that makes tier 4. If you fail, which you probably will, you can combine the tier 3 item with a reset stone(available from captain Max Meddlin the mini medal pirate) to make the tier 1 item again but you don't get back the valuable ingredients you used on it. Your hero's stats affect the chance of an alchemiracle. Each item has a particular stat and if your hero has a very high level for that stat then your chances are higher. Search an alchemy guide for the materials for alchemiracles
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