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Finding Freezing fog (#177) after Gittingham Palace?

I'm trying to locate freezing fogs (enemy #177) so I can steal sage's elixirs from them, but I've already cleared Gittingham Palace, so they don't appear on the ramparts any more. I don't ever see them in the overworld area near the Palace, either, despite their bestiary entry clearly stating they can be found there. Do I need to look for them in a specific area, or am I boned unless I find them in a grotto or something?

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I haven't finished the game, though, so if those areas are all post-game, then I won't be able to reach them...If that's the case, I'll be stuck tracking them down in the Gittish Empire area. Is there a specific time at which the freezing fogs can be found (day, evening, or night), a specific region where it can appear (i.e. crater, poison waste, sand), or a certain primary enemy with which it might appear as a supporting enemy?

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Armamentalist01 answered:

Cringle Coast, Urdus Marsh, and Tower of Nod, according to Dragon Quest wiki. =)
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cheesepuff121 answered:

I think you're stuck to looking around the Gittish Empire, but I'm not sure of specific areas, mainly they just pop up alongside other monsters for me.

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