Question from Kendra1989

I need help beating Hootingham-Gore?

my people are:
minestral: lvl 37
mage: lvl 36
theif: lvl 35(can't remember what lvl she is. some where in the 30's)
warrior: lvl 30.
I can't beat hootingham..... please help

Kendra1989 provided additional details:

My theif is a level 37, my main character justed leveled up to lvl 40, mage lvl 38

Accepted Answer

cheesepuff121 answered:

When I defeated him,my party was this (not that I'm telling you to change);
Martial Artist
All level 40(ish).

From experience since then,I advise you to replace your thief with a priest (do some solo training with your main character as a thief if you want SOMEONE with thief skills). Priests have the most AMAZING magical mending - it's the only vocation that I have on my post-game team that's not advanced (hte others are gladiator,sage and paladin).Also,the paladin coup de grace has saved my character's lives dozens of times.

Hope this helps,
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