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Ideas for hero?

My hero is currently a level 50< minstrel w/ an axe and points invested in armamentalist and gladiator. However, I feel like bosses just take too long when I'm only running one offensive character. The egg on makes the hero a great support role, but bosses get really tedious. Should I go for a second attacker or stay with support?

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Though I appreciate your answer armamentalist, I'm still not sure if I want to go full offense. It's just so convenient being able to get 100 tension in two turns, and I wouldn't be able to squeeze egg on into my play style and still do decent damage with my hero. Does tension still hold up later in the game?

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Armamentalist01 answered:

No. Change out of Minstrel FOR SURE. They just aren't useful late game.

I recommend Gladiator, (yes, even if you have someone else one already). If you really don't want Gladiator though, Paladin would work also..... (MAYBE Warrior or Martial Artist, but I recommend against it. Gladiators are great)
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