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How do I get extra people coming to the Inn?

I've canvased for guests, and my friend has appeared in the lounge, but I heard that you could get extra items from bonus characters coming to the inn. Do they appear when you unlock the upstairs and downstairs? Or is it because I don't have Wi-Fi (my dad is really technical, and his Wi-Fi router works on a higher level of security than the DS can handle)?

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I just want the extra items they give.

cheesepuff121 provided additional details:

Thanks, I'll check out any local Wi-Fi stations. :)

Accepted Answer

zeldamasterds00 answered:

You will need wifi to get the other characters to come in.
But you only need to connect once, so if you go to a local wifi spot near you and connect as you pass by, you will be able to get the items from the character.
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