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Why is Sellma no longer updating her merchandise?

Its been happening for about a couple of weeks now that Sellma is no longer updating her store. I tried to visit her store once a day for a while now but for some reason she still has the same merchandise (that I have already bought them all). I have tried saving the game, I have tried playing the game normally but I am still having this problem (and my wi-fi connection is working fine as well). What is going on here?


TSB-G answered:

You have to connect via wifi when prompted so it will automatically update with new merchandise. This can be done on a daily basis and if you haven't purchased everything yet, don't connect with wifi and continue to see her merchandise.
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LS8K answered:

There is an issue going on with the updating.

(ignore the space)
The quests and guests still are working, but the shop is currently down.
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