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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I equip cursed items?

The quest "Shaman On You" requires you equip 3 cursed items onto one of your characters. Which vocation can equip three cursed items at once? They are: Demon Whip, Oh-no Bow, Hades' Helm, Depressing Shoes, Terrible Tattoo, Reckless Neckless, and Skull Ring. There are probably more.

Accepted Answer

From: MasKeraid1 2 years ago

A Minstrel can Equip the Demon whip, skull ring, and Depressing shoes.

*Watch out might not want to read this next line unless you've talked to him with cursed items on*

Just a tip If you can make sure you have a priest that knows Benediction or you can always pay

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