Question from ferniiboo

How could my team be better?

My team is
Level 45 Minstrel - Hero
Level 44 Priest - Frasier
Level 38 Armamentalist - Pepper
Level 30 Gladiator - Dallas
I want a better team so I have a better chance of killing Corvus.

Accepted Answer

Sk8erpunq answered:

If you want to just beat Corvus, maybe level up your Gladiator a bit, stock up on healing items, better equipment, etc. and you should have no problem with defeating him with this party with levels in 40 range.
Don't forget to buff and heal appropriately, use some strategy. Corvus is weak against light, so use Life fource if you have it.

Otherwise, switch your Hero to a better damage dealing class, like Gladiator, Paladin, Warrior or Martial Artist, get some skill points from other vocations, master weapon of choice (preferably Spear or Axe for metal hunting), Shield and class skillsets for bonuses. It's also a great preparation for grottoes and legacy bosses!

Good luck!
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