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When Leveling other vocations what is the best way to do it? Like one party member at a time or?

My main vocations are, warrior, thief, minstrel and priest at the moment, I have sword/shield maxed for all but the priest has spears instead of sword...I'm starting to focus on learning vocation specialties for agility/resilience/attack boosts and such and possibly considering changing to other vocations Like gladiator etc. all other vocations are leveled to 12...I have 10 vocations unlocked so far, I'm just missing sage and luminary I guess?

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What I'm asking is, is it better to change all of my party members vocations at once and farm metal medleys in this case, or change one members vocation go and grind, do the next one and so one for all members. Because I am planning on grinding all jobs to 25 ish, Until I unlock Sage/ Liquid medal slimes.

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Pokefish answered:

I'd say change 2 people and go training maybe 3 if 1 person is high levelled but it would be better to just have 2 high attackers 1 healer and a palladin.
If you have that team keep training.


P.S-You can trust me I played this game twice and the second game none of my characters died .
It is thanks to my team so good luck training soldier.
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Pokefish answered:

Sorry for double post but if you want to get all jobs on desired level just change 2 people at once.

For the last time,
Good Luck Soldier!
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