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A little help on getting some items?

I am trying to beat corvus 2 but i am looking for elfin elixirs, yggdrasil leaves and yggdrasil dew, as well as the mage's and minstrel's manuals. can you help?


Sk8erpunq answered:

Elfin Elixir: After getting all Mini Medal prizes from Cap'n Max, you can trade 5 Mini Medals for them. Also 1/256 drop of Cobra Cardinal. Lastly, alchemy: Elfin elixir = Yggdrasil leaf x 1 + Royal soil x 3 + Nectar x 5

Yggdrasil Leaf: gather from small island to the east of Gleeba, with blue tree. Rare treasure from grottoes.

Yggdrasil Dew: 1/128 drop of Bombuldier (Wyrmtail, Wyrmsmaw), Yggdrasil Dew = Yggdrasil leaf x 1 + Elfin elixir x 1

Mage's manual: reward for Quest #096 - Faerie Nearly There (sleep in Alltrades Abbey's inn with mage level 40 to get this quest)

Minstrel's manual: reward for Quest #102 - Prat's the way to do it! (got from ghost in Alltrades Abbey's bar, requires Minstrel level 40)
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