Question from dragonquest228

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I kill Nemean?

I tried to kill him 7 times all ready and nether of them have I beat him.
this is my party:
Minstrel lvl43
Paladin lvl14
Minstrel lvl38
Priest lvl33
I know the Paladin is not a lvl high enough but I don't want to take that long to kill him
this is my battle startegy:
I use psyche up (relese useing gigagash) then i use cattle prod then I use falcon slash and gritty ditty (sometimes heal,midheal,or moreheal) and keep tring that and then he wipes out my do I beat him?

Additional details - 2 years ago

oh now my Paladin is lvl18
and my Priest is now lvl34
and my 2nd Minstrel is now lvl39

Additional details - 2 years ago

No i didn't but i beat phase one

Additional details - 2 years ago

never mind I beat him

Accepted Answer

From: glitchXII 2 years ago

You should get an armamentalist and get funeral fource for extra damage. Miracle slash also helps pretty well.

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Have you gotten past Godwynn? how did you do it?

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