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Party Class help?

I don't know if this belongs in other or Strategy, but I wanted to know what could best help me out.
MC- Armamentalist
2- Sage
3- Mage
4- Paladin

I was thinking of changing my mage to a gladiator since my MC can buff/debuff and the sage can also use magic. I don't know what to choose. What should it be best suited for my party?

Aswang1337 provided additional details:

Thanks guys. I was training as gladiator and changed to armamanetalist because of their Fource abilities. So I think i might just snag 1 or 2 of the force abilities and return to my Gladiator

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Epicmarcster02 answered:

I would say to change your hero to a gladiator bcause you already have 3 people in your party who use magic.Your sage and mage can still help you out because your mage can use oomph to increase your attack plus you need an attacker in you party basically a Gladiator.This can already make your party stronger.It's still ok because paladins have the best defence so you can use your paladin to buff,heal and protect you and your party.
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Epicmarcster02 answered:

I would say if you wanted a complete attacking party you can have 3 Gladiators and a sage or priest to protect your party because at the moment I would say your party is completely based on magic in some cases that is a bad Idea.
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