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Is this team good enough for Legacy bosses?

So I just started playing this game again, I've completed the story twice but I never really did many grottos, and I've never got to a legacy boss.

This is my team I've planned to achieve throughout the game, is it good enough for Legacy bosses?

Paladin (Hero) - Will be using swords, but I think that's irrelevant as he uses Egg on on my gladiator nearly all the time

Gladiator - Uses psyche up, can get to 100 tension in as little as 2 turns combined with egg on, then uses multi thrust

Sage - My healer, and mage when not healing

I'm not sure about the last slot yet, but I was thinking of an MA. I heard somewhere that boomerangs work wonders on MA, should I use that? He would also know the fources.

Sorry if it's a bit wordy but I would really appreciate some advice :)


NeosChaos answered:

Hmm, I've never heard that MA's are good with boomerangs but trust me when I say this, Do NOT under estimate Legacy Bosses, Baramos level 1 is hard enough as he is, they all pack a punch and you can literally die if you make one mistake XD. Use a level 70+ team preferably, also maybe use the MA as another attack with a different weapon? swords are always good but without an Uber Falcon Blade, you may wanna use claws or a weapon that deals quite alot of damage compared to others. Also maybe in the future, try and make a Priest as they are the strongest healing class and have full heal and omni heal in higher levels, which will be important on higher leveled legacy bosses, if you don't have any rare armour already (Edrick helm, sword, saintess shield, etc) try and find some in grottos or from the bosses! It's important to use buffs like magical shield for all or kabuff too.
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mastersam4000 answered:

For the fourth, I'd recommend getting a Ranger, personally. It takes a bit of effort to get them tricked out properly with decent armor, but get one and either max out the axe or the bow, most likely the axe if your Sage is focused on bows. I say this because the Ranger has a lot of really useful healing spells- by their early to mid-forties they've got Moreheal- and have a bunch of extras for buffing, including Insulatle, which is a godsend if you're fighting creatures with breath weapons.Atop that, they're good for secondary damage. The class is essentially a filler for anything but attack magic, and with how fast they are, you can rely on them to get that one healing spell in to make sure that someone survives the next big attack, or to start a combo when you do physical attacks. All-around, they're a great fourth character.
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