Question from Enkaiichi

How do I / Can I: Use some skill to delay the Metal Slimes for 2-3 turns?

I'm doing a solo run, im lvl 20 in the quarantomb and need some skill points for magic mirror, so i can easily take down the contagin. I'm wondering if theres a minstrel skill that could distract them for more than one turn?

Accepted Answer

CloudFoxx answered:

if you have a Minstrel that has Pratfall you can distract them for a while.Or if you have a Mage with Snooze,you can put them to sleep,these moves don't work that often considering they're Metal Slimes,but if they do they should be asleep for a quite a few turns. :)
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FizzyFloat answered:

If you have high charm (luminary vocation does) you have the chance to make them enthralled by your character and they will not have the chance to fight/flee that turn. A good way to take down metal slimes fast before they flee is to use metal slash with the falcon blade. It does about 3-4 each time you do it. You can also use Hatchet man or thunder thrust for a 50% of killing it off right away.
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