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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat Last boss?

With a level 34 paladin level 37 warrior level 36 gladiator and level 36 priest?

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From: FizzyFloat 2 years ago

Use feel the burn on your gladiotar and equip the falcon blade (ueber falcon blade would be better), and keep using falcon slash throughout the battle. For you warrior do the same, if you can. Priest, try reducing speed and constantly use multiheal as it will restore 100+ hp (depending on your magical might skill) each round of the battle. For the paladin, use pincussion, selflessness and forbearance. Also, use m-pathy for your gladiator if he is running out of mp with for falcon slash.

This is how I beat my final boss. (I used minstrel instead of paladin, but I use the paladin for my grottoes in post-game)

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I dont have falcen blade or slash dont no were to get falcon blade i dont have multi heal eather?

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You get falcon blade in the ship you get from bloomingdale and you have to have a priest to use multi heal.

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